Thursday, February 25, 2010

Traffic in EDSA

Last night, 24 February, was one of the worst traffic ever happened in EDSA. Maybe next to the one during Typhoon Ondoy. The 4-km distance of Ayala-Kalayaan became a three-hour trip. There's traffic everywhere, even the shortcut routes were clogged. I found a little luck by using the Bonifacio Global City way and exited at Gate 1, I guess I saved no less than 45 minutes. Along the way I could see many stranded passengers, some were clever enough to walk instead of spending more hours in traffic.

The atmosphere last night in EDSA got me thinking was there another People Power? Ironically, it turns out all the chaos and traffic was due to commemoration of People Power/EDSA revolution which took place years ago. I mean, why do we celebrate a "peaceful revolution" with some idea that would cause chaos? Well, only in the Philippines I guess.


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