Thursday, February 18, 2010

Secrets on the Web

Everyday the web became more exciting. Last night, I bumped at this site which caters everyone's secrets -

The website aims to be the common ground where people can post their most dreaded secrets in public, and everyone can express their advise or opinion. The real fun begins when everyone tries to outdo others by coming up with most creative/impossible/imaginative secret that you'll be left hanging on whether they're really true. The secrets vary from sex affairs, weird habits, crime, misdeeds, among others. There's even this guy who admitted he's a criminal/fugitive, a girl who claims she had an affair with her husband's dad, someone who witnessed a crime.

In the ideal world, this is a very good attempt to be an online "crying shoulder". But in the real world, it's just another one of those weird things you could find online.


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