Friday, February 5, 2010

Top 10 Signs You Need a New Job

  1. Office hours seems too long. You feel sleepy most of the time and you develop the habit of looking at the bandit clock every minute.
  2. Your Facebook shoutouts always said something "bad" about your day in the office. Everbody knows you hated your work, and you're very brave to broadcast your thoughts even in the presence of your boss.
  3. You really hate Mondays. You feel the extra weight to wake up every Monday mornings, and you wish everyday is a Friday.
  4. Your pay check can't even buy you a drink on a Friday night. Find a new job if your salary is not enough and you've been working like dog.
  5. Your boss is evil. And it only means you're working in hell, so try to be right by going out of that place.
  6. You are the wrong person in the wrong job. Career mismatch is really frustrating. Try to find a job that will use to the fullest your potential.
  7. Your company is unstable. Who wants to ride in a sinking boat? Find immediately a life craft or a bigger boat before it's too late.
  8. You don't have personal growth anymore. It means you reach the peak or the work becomes redundant that you think even a complete idiot can do your work well. Find a new job before a new idiot takes you job.
  9. Your health is compromised. Health is wealth, and work hazard should be a top consideration. Find a job that will promote healthy living, and I don't mean a work in a spa or gym.
  10. You are not happy. Happiness is eveything so find a new job unless you want to die young or live miserably a very stressful life.


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