Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ara Mina for Councilor

I pity Ara Mina for being the latest YouTube clown courtesy of her interview with Mo Twister on the latter's IMO TV show. I think she should fire her PR Team for putting her in an uncompromised situation. Her ignorance or lack of knowledge on Philippine politics is a mortal sin for someone wishing to seek public office. Although I believe that mastery of Philippine politics or current events is not really a barometer of a good public servant, but at least, one should prepare well before going into the actual battle.

(Note: Ara Mina is one of the many actors in Philippine entertainment industry who will try their luck in politics come Philippine election on May 2010. She runs for Councilor in Quezon City, appeared in various "sexy" movies, and was once linked to Manny Pacquaio.)


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