Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Gas for a Car Ads

While searching Google for some economical tips to save fuel, I bumped at this site offering "free" gas for posting ads on the rear bumper of your car. The ads is in the form of sticker not that big to completely ruin your car getup. Actual size varies from around 4-6 inches length and 2-3 inches height. The requirement is simple. Car owner just need to register online and provide some personal information, car details, and the route/frequency of your trip. For someone who considered privacy as huge issue, you might reconsider providing the information as this will give others a peek of your regular travel. The site promises up to 1,000 pesos bucks once your car was selected by advertisers. I've just recently signed an account so I cannot guarantee yet their veracity. But a thousand bucks for just a simple stickers, I really think this idea is a winner!

Visit for more details.


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