Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's with MRC?

In Philippine stocks today, MRC rallied to a 50% increase.

It opened at 0.41 and climbed all the way to the ceiling price 0.54, making it the first top gainer Philippine stocks of 2010. I was able to buy a little volume at one of its highest position but I bet more rally will follow the coming days. At its 0.43 position, I already told my stock buddy to watch out but I was chickened a little bit due to losses I made last year. Too bad, because just minutes after, it climbed all the way to its peak price. And when I'm all set to buy, my broker's online system went offline. Bad luck!

Anyway, I managed to google some helpful information on MRC or MRC Allied Industries. Just read them and buy at your own risk:


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