Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rebound (2010) Movie Review

Due to heavy traffic, me and my GF failed to watch the first day screening of James Cameron's The Avatar in 3D. We were so late and we cannot wait for another three more hours for the next schedule so we decided to watch other movie instead. It's a choice between Zombieland & Rebound, and we settled for the latter since we're not on the mood for scary film.

The Rebound is a feel-good, romantic and funny movie which tackles May-December love affair. It stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as a 40 years old mom of two kids who moved in the big city (New York) after a painful divorce from her husband. Along the way, she met a 25-year old man played by Justin Bartha who is struggling to find a decent career and, like Catherine, is also mending a broken heart from his past relationship. The two becomes friend and later lover after some series of heartwarming events which started when Cathy hires Justin to be her kids nanny. The movie, true to its genre, has lots of comical and romantic scenes which fits well for Cathy and Justin. I cannot sense any awkward moments betweent the two, not even with Cathy who portrays a 40-year old single mom. It might not have the same effects as The Avatar but, overall, me and my GF had a good times. I recommend this one for mature couple who are in currently in serious relationship. You'll enjoy it and learn so many lessons in handling relationship, parenthood, career, and love life.

My personal rating for this movie: 8/10


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