Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pet Owning vs. Parenthood

Parenthood and pet owning are two different worlds, too complex to unite. Some say pet owners are most likely responsible parents, but believe me the road crossing both is a real rocky one. I know that pretty well because I happened to cross the road today.

I love pets. I have dogs, birds, fishes, among others. As a newbie dad to a one-year old, I want my son to like the same things I do (including pets). I was very proud when my son pat our pet dog the first time, it was really a priceless moment for me. I really thought everything went well.

Early morning, my wife asked me to accompany her to Laguna to meet our college friends. We decided to bring our son with us so we could take him to the mall afterwards. Our hostess has a pet cat which my son liked the first time he saw it. He started touching and hugging it, but after a while, I heard him crying very, very hard. We were at panic moment after seeing him with lots of scratches over his right hand and leg.

We rushed immediately to the hospital but four of those we visited in Laguna and Muntinlupa area did not have an available anti-rabies vaccine. Imagine that? I really thought hospitals must have such antidote, after all they are hospitals, right? Ome hospital staff told me that anti-rabies are special vaccine and have certain expiration so most hospitals just purchase them on a need basis. I'm not really sure if this one is true, but I'll verify and will get back to that staff once my source tell otherwise. We finally had the vaccine at Asian Medical Center and Hospital in Alabang. It costs us P14,000.00 but we're glad our son got the immediate medication he needed.

One lesson I got from the experience is to slow down in introducing my kid with pets. I know it is a little traumatic for him right now, and maybe this is not just the right time. Or maybe I should start with a more tame and less wild pets...


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