Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bro. Eddie Villanueva Campaign Jingle (2010)

One formula of a successful jingle is to keep it hip, danceable and trendy. Bro. Eddie Villanueva really know this with his "Eddie Ako" campaign jingle featuring rapper Cloc-9. The title of the jingle is a pun of Eddie's name which when loosely translated in urban Tagalog (Philippine language) might means "It's me!". It also features the "Bus ni Bro" (Brother's Bus), more like a symbolism of divine intervention towards his Philippine presidential bid come May 2010. "Bro" is known in Philippine pop culture as reference to God Almighty, and Brother Eddie himself is known religious leader.

Overall the jingle gives a fresh and youthful vibe, more like a Christian worship songs. It could easily won the "Best Charismatic Jingle" among all presidential jingles.


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